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Playtech Mobile (Cyprus) Limited
Licence Number Licence Type Class Type Status
MGA/CRP/137/2007- 05 B2B - Critical Supply Licence Service (B2B) - A licence to provide a supply in a business-to-business capacity Licensed

Licence Number Game Type Approved Service Providers Approved Vertical Approved
MGA/CRP/137/2007- 05 Type 1 Gaming Services • Casino
MGA/CRP/137/2007- 05 Type 2 Gaming Services • Fixed Odds Betting
MGA/CRP/137/2007- 05 Type 3 Gaming Services • Peer To Peer Poker

Approval Number Service Material Gaming Supply Definition Approval Status
A gaming supply of such importance that any weakness or failure in its provision could have a significant impact on the operator’s (a) ability to meet the operator’s obligations under the Act and all applicable regulatory instruments or (b) to manage the risks related to such supply; or (c) to continue in business, and the term “material supply” shall include a “critical supply”. Approved

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